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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the turnaround time for a SAMPLE?

All of our samples are made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to create the sample, plus shipping time of 2-5 days in the US, and 1-3 weeks international. Samples are shipped regular post and do not include tracking information. We only suggest ordering a sample if you have plenty of planning time. If your event is coming up soon, we recommend skipping the sample and placing your full order. 

What is the turnaround time for a FULL ORDER?

PROOFING:  First digital proofs will be emailed within two business days, revisions will be emailed within one business day.

PRODUCTION:  Once you give us your final approval, production will take 2-3 weeks. We usually complete orders within two weeks, but please allow three weeks for the occasional delay.

SHIPPING: We ship via USPS Priority Mail. US shipments take 1-5 days. International shipments take 1-3 weeks.

Do you offer RUSH service?

Yes, if you have a tight deadline, you may add RUSH production to your order for an additional $50.00. Production will take 3-5 business days, versus the normal 2-3 weeks.

Can I email you my order rather than checking out through the website?

Yes, if you are having trouble with our website or if you need to order something that is not available online, then just email us at service@woodchick.com and we can send you an invoice.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can check out through our secure website using Visa or Mastercard. If you prefer to make payment through PayPal, we can arrange to send you a PayPal invoice instead. Please contact us to place an order this way.

Do you require a minimum order size?

Yes, we require a minimum quantity of 20 per item.

Can I customize the colors and fonts?

Yes, once you place a full order with us, we will work with you to customize the colors, wording, and fonts. You can replace the text to fit any kind of event: shower, birthday party, bar/bat mitzvah, corporate event, etc.

Once you place an order, you can request a font list from us. We have an extensive collection of fonts to choose from. We also recommend looking through the rest of our designs to see font combinations.

Can you create a custom design for me?

Yes, we can work with you on a custom design for an additional $50.00. Please click here for more information.

Can you print my own design?

We are able to print your own design on wood, whether it’s something that you have made yourself or had a designer create for you. This option costs the same as our regular prices. Click here to order.

You can send us a JPG, PNG, AI, EPS, or PDF. You can include any kind of text, image, or even a photo. If your design goes to the edge, please add ¼” bleed. Use CMYK color mode. All “white” areas will be transparent with the natural wood shining through. Light colors will be semi-tranparent.

What colors can you print?

We use a digital print process which allows us to print almost any color, except for white or metallic*. We are able to accommodate custom color requests, but we cannot guarantee exact shade matches. Also please keep in mind that the natural variation in wood tones can affect how the ink colors look. Light colors will look semi-transparent with the wood showing through underneath.

We can add foil stamping for an additional fee. This allows us to add special colors like gold, silver, copper, and white. Pricing depends on the area to be foil stamped and the number of cards you order. There is a minimum of $100 additional charge and the turnaround is 2-4 weeks. Please contact us for foil inquiries.

What kind of wood do you use?

We mainly print on birch wood, which is a beautiful light brown color with a natural golden shimmer. You may put in a special request for us to print on cherry or walnut woods. Cherry wood is a medium brown color with heavy grainlines, but it is more prone to have large dark blemishes. Walnut is a dark brown color and is only suitable with dark colored ink or white foil stamping (see above question). We always recommend birch because we get the very best results with this wood. It displays ink colors the best and offers the best legibility of text.

How much is shipping?

Shipping prices vary depending on the size of the order. If you are in the US, shipping will cost between $6.00 – $20.00. If you are anywhere else in the world, it will be between $25.00 – $65.00. We ship via USPS Priority Mail Service, so it will take 2-5 days for domestic, and 7-14 days for international. If you prefer a different delivery service such as USPS Express, FedEx, or UPS, please request a quote from us. Please note that you are responsible for any tax/duties that your country imposes on the shipment. If you are an international customer, we advise you to find out what your country's import rules and rates are.

How much postage do I need to mail the invitations to my guests?

We are able to estimate that a typical invitation suite consisting of an envelope, wood invitation, and wood RSVP postcard weighs one ounce and should need just one First Class stamp to mail in the US (currently 49¢). A wood RSVP postcard will need just one postcard rate stamp to mail in the US (currently 34¢). But we recommend taking your complete invitation suite to your local post office for exact weight and postage price.

How thick are your wood cards?

Our cards are .025” thick, which is estimated to be equivalent to 25pt/200lb, roughly twice as thick as the average paper card. This thickness was specifically chosen so that our wood cards would be nice and sturdy, yet could still be sent as regular mail.

Can the wood cards break in the mail?

No, our wood cards are specially bonded and sealed so that they should not break in the mail. They are very durable and actually a bit flexible.

Can you write on the wood card?

Yes, you can write on it easily with any kind of pen.

Should I order my RSVP as a postcard or with an envelope?

Most of our customers choose to order the RSVP as a postcard. This will cost you less, as well as require less postage for both the complete suite and for the postcard itself. You may want to keep in mind that the Post Office will stamp and barcode directly onto the postcard and the exposed cards are also more vulnerable to getting dirty and scuffed up (but this does not matter to most of our customers since the RSVP cards are just coming back to you anyway).

What kind of envelopes do you offer?

We include blank envelopes in your choice of Ivory or Recycled Kraft Brown with square flap style. We can special order other envelope colors, please email service@woodchick.com.

Can you print my guests’ names and addresses on the envelopes?

Yes, this is a great time-saving solution that we offer. It is just $1.25 each (or if you order 100+, it is just $1.00 each). You send us the guest list, we do the printing! We will make sure the fonts and colors match the design of your invitations. When you order your invitations online, you can add Envelope Printing to your order.

Can you print individual guest names on the invitation?

Yes, we can do this at an additional $0.65 each. Please add this item to your order.

Can we include text in a foreign language?

Yes, as long as you provide the text ready for us to copy and paste. We will not be able to translate or proofread it for you. But you will be able to review the proofs to make sure we format everything correctly. If your language requires special characters, we do already have a few foreign language fonts, but they are basic fonts. If you prefer a fancier font in your language, it will need to be something that you provide or purchase.

Can I get two different versions of my invitation?

Yes, if you need two different wordings, such as “ceremony + reception” cards and “reception only” cards, or if you need two different languages, we can print up to two different versions as long as you order at least 20 of each kind. Also, the pricing will be based on the quantity of each version. So for instance, if you order 50 in English, and 50 in Spanish, it will be at the regular pricing (not the 100+ pricing). Please contact us before ordering.

Do you offer any discounts?

Our pricing already reflects volume discounts if you order 100+ cards, 200+ cards, etc.

What if I need more invitations later on?

We recommend ordering at least 5-20 extra invitations. Remember to account for wrong addresses, lost mail, last minute add ons, keepsakes, and a copy for your photographer. If you need to place another order, we will charge an extra $20.00 reprint fee.

Can you design a map for our wedding venue?

Yes, we can custom design a basic line map for you. This is an additional $35.00. Please add this item to your order.

Do you offer extra embellishments?

Yes, we offer upgrades such as paper belly bands, inner envelopes, envelope liners, pocketfolds, magnet strips, etc. Click here to see some of our options. If you simply want your invitations tied together with ribbon or twine, we encourage customers to DIY, which would likely be cheaper and faster.

Can I get a digital copy of our invitation design?

Sorry, but we do not share or sell any of our designs. The digital proofs that we send you will be watermarked.

Feel free to contact us for any other questions!
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