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Invitation Etiquette


When should we send out our wedding invitations?

Traditionally, invitations should be sent out 6-8 weeks before your wedding. If it's a destination wedding or if many out-of-towners are invited, then you will want to give more notice, like 3-4 months. You may also opt to send out Save the Date Cards to give people plenty of notice, which should be sent out 5-8 months in advance.

Please order your invitations with plenty of time in advance, 4-5 months is ideal. If you wish to order a sample, it will take 2 weeks plus shipping of 2-5 days in the US and 2-4 weeks international. Once you place a full order, the design process should take less than a week, though it can be longer if you require many revisions. Once you make final approval on the proofs, production takes 2 weeks. Shipping in the US takes 2-5 days and international takes 1-3 weeks. Please consider all of these steps while calculating your timeline.


When should we request to have our RSVPs returned by?

It's best to have your guests reply about 3-4 weeks before your wedding so that you can properly plan the wedding details, such as number of meals, seating arrangements, favors, programs, etc. Also, check with your venue or caterer if they need a head count and when they need it by.


Can we include our wedding website on our invitation?

We recommend putting the wedding website on a separate small enclosure. We offer mini size wood cards for this purpose. We do not recommend putting a website address on the invitation, so that the invitation remains a timeless keepsake. If you look at your invitation 20 years from now, you probably do not want an expired broken URL on it.


Can we include wedding registry information in our invitation?

No. In general, it is considered impolite to ask for any kind of gift when inviting someone to your wedding. It is best to get this kind request out by word of mouth through your wedding party or close family. It is also acceptable to put it on your wedding website. If someone is throwing you a shower, it is okay to put the registry information on the invitation.


We are having an adults only wedding, how do we indicate this to our guests?

Address the envelopes to the parents by name. If you are concerned that some guests may miss the point, you may want to add a small note on the RSVP, such as "We respectfully request that only adults attend." Or another way to clarify how many is invited is to add a line on the RSVP like, "We have reserved ____ seats in your honor" and handwrite in the number in the blank.


How do we let guests know of our dress code?

Most couples try to hint at the tone of their wedding through the design of the invitation. An elegant design with a fancy script font would indicate a more formal affair. A playful design with blocky or whimsical fonts would make your guests feel more welcome to come in something more casual and comfortable. If the dress code is important to the venue or the theme you are going for, then it would be acceptable to put it on the bottom of the invitation, such as Black Tie, Casual Attire, or Boots Requested.


After the wedding, when do send out Thank You cards?

It's best to express your gratitude in a timely manner. We recommend sending Thank You cards within a month after your wedding. Feel free to order those from us right after your wedding, or after you get back from your honeymoon.


If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask us! Contact us here.



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