Wood Chick Wedding Invitations


About Our Wood Cards

Our cards are made from real wood that comes from sustainably harvested trees that are grown in America. It takes less wood, energy, and resources to make a wood card than a paper card!

We use birch tree wood which is a beautiful golden brown color.  Every single wood card will vary in wood grain and color making each one special. Each invitation that your guests receive will be a work of art from mother nature.

Our cards are roughly twice as thick as the average postcard (precisely, .025” thick, which is estimated to be equivalent to 25pt/200lb). They are light enough to be sent as regular mail with just one first class stamp. They are specially bonded and sealed so that they should not break in the mail. They are very durable and actually a bit flexible.

You can order your RSVPs on wood as well. Your guests can write their responses directly on the wood with any kind of pen. Then they can drop it in the mail in an envelope or by itself like a postcard.


About our wood invitationsAbout our wood invitations


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